Swim Team Policies

  1. Children who cannot meet the minimum swimming requirements for safety will NOT be allowed to continue to be on the JTAC Swim Team until they can. The coaching staff will evaluate all swimmers abilities.
  2. Each swimmer is expected to attend practices regularly & participate in meets. It is the responsibility of the swimmer & his/her parents to notify the coaching team when a swimmer cannot attend practice & especially a meet.
  3. Each swimmer is expected to show their coach proper respect. Any swimmer not showing the proper respect will be warned. If the swimmer continues to be disrespectful, the swimmer will be suspended from practice.
  4. In order to have meets, parents’ help is needed. One parent MUST participate during at least 2 meets. Sign up sheets will be available during registration.
  5. The small kiddie pool is CLOSED during swim team practices & meets because there are no life guards on duty.

Jefferson Terrace Aquatic Club

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