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JTAC Website Profile:

Please ensure you have a login for this website and create a profile! Hover your mouse over "Home", click "Register/Login" and create a profile there. 

QUESTION:  Why do I need to do this?

ANSWER:  We utilize the website for tracking and record keeping purposes along with issuing important notices to you that may fall outside the swim team season.

QUESTION:  Who needs to do this?

ANSWER:  Everyone!  All swim team members regardless of your pool membership status. 

QUESTION:  Do I need to register for swim team online if I registered by paper?

ANSWER:  You do NOT need to re-register for swim team.   All we need is for you to create a profile on our website which includes your email address.


Please like & follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jtacswim/.  We post reminders, pictures, & important information often through this Facebook page.  We would LOVE for you to post your own pictures, tag our page, and share our pictures & updates.

Greater Baton Rouge Swim League (GBRSL)

JTAC Swim Team now participates in this new league!  You can learn more through www.swimbr.org.  There are over 18 teams in the Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and Zachary areas which participate in this league.  Teams such as Kenilworth, Bocage, and The Country Club also participate.  

Swim Meets

Meets will continue to be held on Saturday mornings.  As each meet gets closer, we will send important information as well as instructions, directions, etc.

Family Night

In keeping with tradition, Family Night will continue each Thursday in June at 5:30 pm. 

We are utilizing Signup genius to volunteer for this service.  See link below.


The only way our swim team is successful is through volunteers.   Therefore, it is incredibly important to the future of our pool and swim team that all families volunteer in some way.  

We have numerous opportunities available but if you have a specific idea or way you believe you could impact the team, I want to know!  PLEASE contact me, Denise Brown.  My contact information will be included.

** Please note that we will also be asking for volunteers for the swim meets.  We will send that sign up at a later date. **

New Group “Coaches”

This new volunteer opportunity is for our younger “adults” (aka: teenagers).   We will need their service for the meets on Saturdays and the responsibilities are listed below.  This is an excellent preparation for those teenagers not yet ready to apply for life-guarding but intends to do so in the near future! 

I have reached out to St. Joseph's Academy, Catholic High School and St. Michael's High School to see if service hours can be provided for volunteering.  I will keep you updated on the result of that request.

We want at least one to two volunteers assigned to each age group for the entire meet (for example: two volunteers would be assigned the 6 and under boys group).   

Responsibilities include:  

1.  Ensure all swimmers are lined up in the right spot, the right time, & the right order.   

2.  Encourage swimmers to have fun and do their best!        

3.  Remind swimmers what stroke they are about to swim

4.  Help answer questions from the swimmers.

Example: “Do I touch the wall with two hands for the butterfly?”  

If unsure, the coaches will be available to answer questions if needed as well.

Parent Responsibilities:

1.  Ensure you have a username/password for this website.

2.  Sign up using Groupme Instructions will come later.

4.  Volunteer using the Signup Genius link.

5.  Communicate with us if:

a. If your child is unable to attend a meet

b. If your child can longer attend the meet once the heat sheet is completed.

c. If your child has to leave early from the meet.

6.  Know what event and heat your swimmer is listed to swim and ensure your swimmer is prepared and ready!


Each swimmer is to report to the team area 10 races prior to their scheduled race. 

**If your swimmer is not in the appropriate team area at the appropriate time, then they run the risk of missing their event.  Volunteers and coaches are no longer going to search for swimmers who are not in the designated team area. **

If your child happens to be swimming back to back events and there are less than 10 races in between (I cannot think of an instance this would happen unless they are swimming in both their age group and up an age group), then just ensure the volunteer assigned to their age group is aware and report back to the team area immediately after the race.

EXAMPLE OF 10 RACE RULE: Please reach out if you need further guidance.

Abigail is a 9 year old girl swimming in the freestyle event.   She is in event 5, heat 3.

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